Yes it’s all about me!

At least this website is.

If you are here, the assumption is you are looking for me.

Please, enjoy your visit! ¬†ūüôā


 Lost in the Clouds.

Is probably where you’ll find me on any given day,

wandering about creatively,

wondering about infinity

and the grand scheme of things.


If you have found this page, then you have pretty much met me.  I am an artist and writer, dreamer and thinker.  Not necessarily in that order.  But always the bottom line is РExpression.

Expressing my musings as I dig for treasure in the vastness of the Eternal.


I have been an artist all my life. ¬†I studied art in college, but only so I could get the credits! ¬†Not to say I didn’t learn any thing from it, everything in life teaches us about ¬†– Art.

“Crimea” – By Tina Steele Penn

My medium?  Hard to say.  I would say the image I am wanting to create dictates the medium.  I did not consider myself an artist until I was proficient in all visual media.   Of course now I know that was silly.  One is either an artist or not.  But now, of course I can say РI am an accomplished artist, and by that I mean I can pretty much render anything I can concieve.   Some of my work can be seen here.

Tina’s Artwork

And the classes I Teach.


¬† ¬†“Perdita – A Lost Child”

Is a novel about us.

We are warriors, adventurers, romantics, kings, queens, and lost children – seeking home.

See more about “Perdita” ¬†Here.

“The Visitation” Watercolor on Bond by
Tina Steele Penn



Lately most of my writing of words has been on my blog: Now At the Door.¬† Drop in.¬† Have a visit. The door is open…

I say of words… because I’ve been working a lot on my own arrangements of music… coming soon.


If you would like to talk to me about comissioning or purchasing artwork, ¬†speaking at an event, inquiries about Skyland Publishers, or more about “Perdita – A Lost Child” Please email me.